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Last Light Retail Version

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Product description

Billions of years in the future, when most of the stars have died, only rare white dwarfs remain. After scavenging through the cold blackness of space for generations, you may have just discovered the last light in the universe.

You are not the only one.

Last Light is a fast-paced 4X game where players take on the roles of alien factions racing to control the last light in the universe. Research technologies, mine and trade resources, build ships and extractors, and make sure your faction survives.


1 Rotating Game Board
15 Unique Planets w/ Stands
1 White Dwarf Star w/ Stand
4 Player Boards
4 Colony Ship Tokens
15 Alien Faction Cards
24 Action Cards
32 Extractors
20 Small Ships
12 Medium Ships
8 Large Ships
7 Asteroids
15 Planetary ID Tokens
45 Exploration Tokens
20 Plastic Damage Tokens
83 Technology Cards
16 Planetary Achievement Cards
4 Graveyard Cards
6 Custom Dice
60 Resources
30 Light Crystals