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Massive Darkness 2 - Bards and Tinkerers vs Metal Angel Expansion

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Product description

This expansion features 2 new Classes: Bards and Tinkerers, with 4 Heroes, all the components to play these Classes, and a new Roaming Monster: the Metal Angel. A narcissistic Angel whose body was surgically implanted with metallic grafts while seeking perfection, the Metal Angel is a soulless killing machine unable to distinguish its victims.


5 Miniatures
  ‣ Dylan
  ‣ Thalia
  ‣ Jebediah
  ‣ Kaylee
  ‣ Metal Angel
1 Rules Leaflet
79 Cards
1 Exo-Armor Token
4 Exo-Armor Dashboards
3 Small Bomb Tokens
3 Large Bomb Tokens
3 Construct Tokens
1 Bard Musical Dashboard
5 Note Tokens
3 Chord Tokens