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Restoration Games

Marvel Unmatched - Hell's Kitchen

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Product description

Anyone, anywhere. Unmatched is a fast-paced game of tactical combat between unlikely opponents. Pick your favorite hero, choose a map, and use your hero's unique deck and abilities to win the day.
You can mix up heroes and maps from any Unmatched set. Face new challenges and find fresh combos. Dozens of possibilities await, and more with every new set.

 "The Man Without Fear" is at his best when he is fighting through adversity. This son of a boxer can withstand a brutal pounding and turn that pain into strength, bursting with power just when the chips are down and the options are running low.
 This mystic assassin and her army of Hand ninjas attack from the shadows. Strike her down, though, and she resurrects, stronger than ever.
 The World's Greatest Assassin delights in the mayhem and chaos his job creates, finishing every fight with a single flick of his wrist. Bullseye can turn any object into a weapon, slaying equally well with a shuriken or a pencil. No foe can escape his deadly accuracy, no matter how far they run.

3 Characters
4 Sidekick Tokens
3 Health Dials
76 Cards
3 Scheme Tokens
3 Combat Tokens
1 Gameboard