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Product description

In this elegant and interactive management game, players compete to grow their companies through shrewd investments in real estate, industry, and transportation. Through careful observation of their opponents' choices, players will find ways to take sole advantage of lucrative opportunities. In the end, the most successful player will be victorious - but success is judged by more than one's wealth. To win, players must also contribute to the country's greatness through their deeds and generosity. Are you ready for the challenge?


1 Game Board
8 Timeline Tiles
4 Action Markers w/ Stickers
4 Action Choice Tiles
1 Start Tile
1 End Tile
4 Player Aids
32 Department Tiles
45 Solo Cards
16 Project Tabs
4 Company Boards
60 Employee Figurines
120 Player Disks
45 Goods Cubes
90 Banknotes
1 Timeline Marker
1 First-player Marker
2 Rulebooks (English & German)