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Epic Spell Wars 5 - Hijinx at Hell High (stand alone or expansion)

CZE 28562
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Product description

HELL HIGH, that is! The most horrible, evil, blood-thirstiest high school in all of creation. That's right, the Battle Wizards are going back to school, so sharpen your number 2 wands and get ready to channel the adolescent fury of groin-scorching puberty and COSMIC ELDRITCH RAGE into the wizard battle to end all wizard battles!

Hijinx at Hell High gives you the chance to experience all the "fun" of high school, climbing the social ladder (radical Hell High Standee included!) from Loser to Loner to (even worse) NERD all the way up to Cheerleader, Jock, or maybe even *gasp* CLASS PRESIDENT. That's right, you have to master the most treacherous terrain known to man: the slippery slopes of teenage Social Status! Oh no, did I smile too long at Suzie's boyfriend Tom? And what did Derick think when I accidentally farted in chemistry class?? SO embarrassing. Screw it, I'm going to conjure a tornado of demonic acid skulls and murder everyone in PE class...LOL!


30 Source Cards
30 Quality Cards
30 Delivery Cards
8 Wild Magic Cards
9 Oversized Wizard Cards
25 Treasure Cards
25 Dead Wizard Cards
15 Kill Tokens
7 Last Wizard Standing Tokens
8 Skull Life Tokens
5 Six-sided Dice
1 Social Status Board
9 Wizard Standees w/ Bases
1 Power Bonus Token
1 Hell High Standee