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Epic Spell Wars 2 - Rumble at Castle Tantakill (stand alone or expansion)

CZE 16331
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Product description

As a Battle Wizard trapped in the endless trenches of unbridled, masochistic depravity - a.k.a. Rumble at Castle Tentakill - your sole purpose is to taste the sweet blood nectar of your foe. Still thirsty? Invite more foes. Viciously reign over the 2-6 wizard battlefield while using all the power and debaucheries available to your mojo fingers. A deceivingly simple (up to) 3 card spell lures your one-time "friend" in and then spits out a smoldering mound of what looks like brown pudding covered with hair.

To topple Castle Tentakill you will summon forth wealthy brain-eating squirrles, muscle-bound land sharks, sexsquatches, jelly-squares, carnivorous clowns, fart knights, pimped imps, and many many other absurd adjective and noun combinations. That's how twisted this battle is - conventional grammar no longer applies. It's anarachy!

128 Spell Cards
25 Treasure Cards
25 Dead Wizard Card
8 Oversized Hero Cards
7 Last Wizard Standing Tokens
6 Blood Counters
6 Skull Life counters
4 Six-sided dice
1 Rulebook
1 Castle Tentakill