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Roxley Games

Dice Throne - Season One ReRolled - Monk vs Paladin

ROX 637
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Product description

A heart pumping, fast playing game of skillful card play and dice manipulation that will have your game nights cheering!

Roll your hero's dice 3 times to activate abilities.
Upgrade abilities and play action cards to surprise your foe.
Defeat your opponents and take the throne!

The Monkis a master in the art of Chi. He can channel his ancient energy to absorb incoming attacks from his opponents. He can also use it to unleash a maelstrom of pain. The Monk is not only the calm before the storm, but the storm itself.

The Paladin's sword of righteousness strikes hard and true. Through faithful devotion, he's capable of celestial defense. The Paladin wades into battle assured that the Divine is with him, and that victory is his sovereign right.


2 Hero Boards
2 Hero Leaflets
2 Health Dials
2 Combat Points Dials
2 Hero Decks
10 Dice
Gametrayz Inserts