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Star Wars Legion: Separatist Invasion Starter Set

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Product description

A mighty Separatist Invasion force is your players' to command with this new Battle Force pack for Star Wars: Legion! Led by the nefarious General Grievous, this pack puts the wide variety of Separatist battle droids and heavy vehicles at players' disposal, including three units of B1 Battle Droids, two units of Droidekas, an AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank, and a unit of IG-100 MagnaGuards.

Accompanying these units are three new Command Cards for use exclusively by the Invasion Force as well as reprints of General Grievous' three Command Cards and copies of the four generic Command Cards. Finally, a set of 31 reprinted upgrade cards gives players everything they need to customize their Invasion Force and conquer systems across the galaxy.

52 Miniatures
9 Unit Cards
10 Command Cards
30 Upgrade Cards
1 Token Sheet
1 Insert Sheet