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San Francisco

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Product description

For San Francisco, the first half of the 20th century is an era of dynamic growth and new opportunities. It's also a chance for you - junior urban planner - to take part in a contest for the most amazing reconstruction plan of the city. Sit down with your sketchbook and create a project that will make you stand out from the competition.

 • Design districts in each of the 5 types, racing against all other planners.

 • Choose the right moment to take on new projects - but be careful, if you take on too many projects it will be harder to gain more.

 • Earn more prestige by cleverly designing a system of cable car connections.

 • Lay foundations and carefully design the nearby landscape, allowing you to build new skyscrapers.


4 City Boards
1 Project Board
1 Scoring Board
87 Project Cards
6 Bonus Cards
12 Contract Tokens
1 Master Builder's Medal Token
23 Point Tokens
12 Bonus Tokens
10 Foundation Tokens
28 Cable Car Markers
9 Skyscraper Standees
1 Rulebook