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Lookout Games

Cantaloop Book 1 - Breaking Into Prison

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Product description

"Hook" Carpenter is a charismatic and resourceful crook. Even though he's one of the best of his kind, ten years ago, he got tricked and went undercover. Now he's back on Cantaloop Island and he's all out for revenge! But he needs a team for his plan. Thing is...the best hacker in town is doing time. Fook Hook, that's a minor inconvenience at best. He just needs to break into prison...

The Interactive Adventure series by Lookout Games is a story game in book format. Like a computer "point & click" adventure, this game tells a non-linear story full of quirky characters, useless items, and tough riddles. Explore the different locations, collect and combine items, talk to different characters, and find out how the story unfolds.

Ages: 16+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 300-720 minutes