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Clinic Deluxe Edition

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Product description

To build a successful clinic you have to make big decisions at the right time. This takes planning and skill! During the game, you will need to hire the best doctors, nurses, and employees, but you also need to make sure your clinic has the best equipment for the job because lives are at stake!

Making people healthy also means big profits. Get those patients admitted, get them treated, and collect your money. The player with the most popular Clinic at the end of the game is the winner!

The Deluxe Edition is a complete revamp of the original Clinic, released by Alban Viard (the designer) in France. The overhaul includes custom-shaped wooden meeples for each of the types of workers (Janitor, Doctor, Nurse, Cars, etc.) instead of cubes. The Deluxe edition also includes the following mini-expansions:
 • Blood Transfusion
 • Fire Extinguishers
 • Workaholic Doctors
 • Zombies in the Clinic


4 Double-sided Player Boards
4 Double-sided "Floor 2" Boards
4 Double-sided "Floor 3" Boards
16 Entrance Tiles
8 Helipad Tiles
24 Parking Tiles
12 Garden Tiles
52 Coins
4 "+50" Popularity Tiles
7 Bonus Tiles
1 Main Board
60 Module Tiles
  ‣ 16 Treatment Rooms
  ‣ 16 Supply Rooms
  ‣ 16 Service Hubs
12 Special Modules
24 Action Tiles
  ‣ 8 Build
  ‣ 8 Hire
  ‣ 8 Admit Patients
56 Doctors
93 Patients
25 Nurses
9 Orderlies
64 Cars
20 Conveyors
1 Action Marker
1 Round Marker
12 Player Discs
8 Blood Tokens
8 Extinguisher Tokens
4 Workaholic Doctors
8 Zombies
1 Rulebook