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Chronicles of Avel

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Product description

In Chronicles of Avel, players will be exploring the world of Avel, moving on a modular board created from hexagonal tiles (different every time). On their journey they will encounter dangerous monsters to fight and roll dice to determine success. Each victory leads to a prize - new weapon, armor, potions, and gold - which will make heroes more powerful and unstoppable. But to earn equipment players will have to search through magical bag and choose using only their sense of touch. Victory awaits for those who will cooperate, prepare themselves and defeat the Beast and all his servants.

15 Board Tiles
Moon Track
Astrolabe Marker
3 Wall Markers
Avel Coat of Arms
27 Coins
3 Moon Seal Tokens
3 Trap Tokens
4 Character Boards and Pawns
8 Hero Dice
20 Toughness Markers
25 Double-sided Equipment Tokens
31 Monsters
5 Monster Dice
10 Damage Markers
4 Action Tokens
12 Used Equipment Markers
Equipment Bag
Double-sided Constellation Map
Rulebook and Player Aid