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Chronicles of Avel: New Adventures

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Product description

Welcome, heroes of Avel! Even though the Beast of Black Moon has been defeated, evil did not lay down its arms. Seizing on the moment of a weakened master, the gods of three dark moons decided to carry out their own deceitful attack on Avel. This is no time for resting - the kingdom and its residents need help!

Includes a set of 24 blank tokens to create your own mini-expansion!

  •Jump the Castle - Thwart the plans of amphiozes and do not let them steal the moon shards.

  •Precious Transport - Protect the cart transporting the moon shards to wizard's workshop.

  •Moon Machine - Charge the moon machines with power and create a magical shield over Avel.

  •4 Universal Game Modes - Enrich your game with additional components!

   ‣ The Moon Monster: Encounter an alternative story and battle a three-headed Moon Monster.

   ‣ Oberon: Use the help of the powerful ruler Oberon and his magical items.

   ‣ Titania: Use the help of the mystical ruler Titania and her magical spirits.

   ‣ Cruel Hunters: Stop the evil moon servants and save the magical spirits from the claws of terrible monsters.


13 Cardboard Minis
2 Half Tiles
1 Moon Monster Board
12 Moon Monster Tokens
3 Moon Shard Tokens
8 Magical Equipment Tokens
12 Magical Spirit Tokens
3 Toughness Dials
6 Monster Tokens
1 Almanac
1 Assembly Instructions
24 Blank Tokens
1 Player Aid
1 Rulebook