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Chessex 7-Set Dice Cube Luminary Nebula Primary with Blue

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Product description

For use in tabletop RPG games (such as Dungeons & Dragons).

This set contains 7 Nebula Primary dice with blue numbers with the following shapes:

1 x 4-sided die (PN0459)
1 x 6-sided die (PN0659)
1 x 8-sided die (PN0859)
1 x 10-sided die (PN1059)
1 x tens 10-sided die (PN1159)
1 x 12-sided die (PN1259)
1 x 20-sided die (PN2059)

These are held in an 02805 Display Case with Lid.

This color has our Luminary™ effect. It can look like stars in the dark (with enough light exposure beforehand or under a black light).