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Z-Man Games

Challengers! Beach Cup

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Product description

Capture the Flag. . . at the Beach!
Challengers is an addictive Deck Management game with up to 4 duels played simultaneously in a unique Tournament gameplay style! Face a new opponent each round in an intense duel!

New Challenges Have Appeared!
From the highest mountain tops to the dark corners of a secret base, 70 different characters with their unique abilities and combos. New sets are fully mixable with the original Challengers set.

Collect Trophies and Gain Fans!
Capture the flag and win trophies! After your 7th match, be one of the 2 players with the most trophies and fans! Reach The Ultimate Finale to become the Champion of Champions!

Challengers! Beach Cup is a standalone game that can also be mixed with Challengers! to create new set combinations and new experiences.


8 Starter Decks
1 Robot Deck
7 Add'l Sets
  ‣ Toy Store
  ‣ Fairytale Forest
  ‣ Beach Club
  ‣ Rainbow
  ‣ University
  ‣ Secret Base
  ‣ Mountain Top
16 Trainers
16 Trainer Sleeves
4 Beaches Playmats
4 Flag Disks
40 Fan Tokens
28 Trophies
3 Card Trays
3 Rulebooks