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Carcassonne Big Box 2022

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Product description

Carcassonne: Big Box 2022 includes the base game and 11 expansions. This is the perfect starter set for Carcassonne fans and anyone looking to jump into this best-selling game. The expansions can be combined for an incredible variety of gameplay options and hours of unique games!

The included expansions:

 Taverns & Cathedrals - These make cities and roads more valuable - but only if they are completed at the end of the game! Each player gains a large meeple to allow them to claim features quickly.

 Traders & Builders - Traders vie for goods in the cities, while builders allow players to take multiple turns and accelerate the construction of roads and cities. Pigs on a farm can increase a farmer's yield.

 The Abbot - The abbot likes to spend his day in the monastery, but he likes to pass the time in gardens in the countryside even more.

 The River - The river creates varied setups at the beginning of each game, and winds through the landscape in a beautiful blue course.

 The Flying Machine - Resourceful tinkerers have made their dreams of flight come true, and it's time to test their magnificent flying machines. How long the can fly, and they'll land, is still quite unpredictable.

 The Messengers - The Queen sends dispatches to her loyal subjects which, if used skillfully, can be the key to attaining wealth and prestige.

 The Ferries - There are many small lakes with ferries all around Carcassonne, giving travelers a great deal more variety.

 The Gold Mines - We've struck gold! it's a thrilling time, and everyone wants to secure the precious metals. However, you won't know how much each gold bar is worth until the end of the game.

 Mage & Witch - Magic spreads across the land! The mage causes cities and other features to flourish, while the witch can curse your opponents' favors.

 The Robbers - Robbers are on the prowl, ready to steal points from your high-scoring opponents.

 The Crop Circles - Mysterious sigils appear in the fields, influencing the lives of knights and farmers in bizarre ways.

Ages: 7+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 35 minutes