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Lookout Games

Cantaloop Book 3 - Against All Odds

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Product description

"Hook" Carpenter is a charismatic and resourceful crook. Ten years ago, he was betrayed, forcing him to go undercover. Now he's back and looking for revenge.

Together with jazz singer Alice and hacker Fly, he plans the biggest - and boldest - heist of the century. But on the day of the heist, everything goes wrong. The target seems like a fortress and unexpected dangers lurk around every corner. To stay under cover, the three must work together. They only have one chance. And things are not looking good. . .

The Interactive Adventure series by Lookout Games is a story game in book format. Like an old school "point & click adventure game," this game tells a non-linear story full of quirky characters, useless items, and tough riddles. Explore beautiful locations, collect and combine items, talk to different characters, and find out how the story unfolds

Ages: 16+
Players: 1-2
Game Length: 360-720 minutes