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Arkham Horror LCG: The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion

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"Once more I ventured within those brooding ruins that swelled beneath the sand. . ."
- H.P Lovecraft, "The Nameless City"

We think we know the history of the Earth, but there are secrets that lie beyond our ken and truths that threaten to undo our understanding of the universe. When renowned historian Alejandro Vela discovers one of these secrets - the ruins of an ancient and forgotten Aztec city - it sets into motion a plot that could unravel the very fabric of time itself.

In The Forgotten Age Campaign Expansion, one to four investigators join an expedition to explore these ruins, venturing deep into perilous rainforests and forbidden caverns. Will they survive this dangerous journey? Or will it be their undoing?

This expansion includes all of the scenario content originally featured in The Forgotten Age cycle, now repackaged in one box.

 • Explore Uncharted Wild - The explore action allows investigators to discover new locations from the exploration deck.

 • Vengeance of Yig - Be careful which enemies you slay, for a terrible creature is watching and judging your ever encounter.

 • Choose Your Supplies - The nature of the expedition changes depending on which supplies the investigators chose to bring with them at the outset of the campaign!

323 Scenario Cards
1 Campaign Guide

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes