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A Game of Thrones Board Game - Mother of Dragons Expansion

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Product description

Mother of Dragons introduces the powerful House Targaryen. Backed by their fearsome dragons, this once-proud family must use every weapon at their disposal to scratch and claw their way across the Narrow Sea and into power. Whether through savvy political maneuvering or with fire and blood, they will not be stopped until they have claimed what they believe to be rightfully theirs: the Iron Throne of Westeros. This expansion also provides a number of exciting new options including a playable House Arryn, a large side board constituting the Free Cities of Essos, a neutral vassal system for playing with fewer than 8 players, the ruthless moneylenders of the Iron Bank of Braavos, new sea order tokens, and more! Contains: 2 New Playable Houses Support for up to 8 Players 45 Plastic Units 3 Plastic Dragon Units 1 Large Essos Side Board 12 Iron Bank Load Cards 24 Sea Order Tokens 10 New Westeros Cards 1 Vassal House Card Deck 7 Vassal Setup Cards 15 Area Improvement Tokens