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007 - Spectre The Board Game

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Product description

SPECTRE: The Board Game is a competitive game for 2 to 4 players who take on the roles of iconic James Bond villains. Each player competes to become SPECTRE's Number 1. No matter how hard they try, 007 is always there, waiting to disrupt their plans and reveal their secrets.

SPECTRE features iconic weapons, locations, and characters from the James Bond films. Assemble devices. Spy on your opponents. Blackmail your rivals. Build your own criminal empire. Strategically deploy your agents around the globe to infiltrate key installations. Players will need to work behind the scenes to develop their nefarious plots and become 007's biggest threat!


1 Gameboard
5 Player Boards
4 Villain Pawns
4 Henchmen Pawns
4 Numbered Rank Stands
4 SPECTRE Tokens
7 Majority Tokens
20 Scheme Tokens
25 Gold Tokens
25 Blueprint Tokens
25 Intel Tokens
1 007 Token
80 Agent Cubes
20 Mission Cards
30 Secret Plan Cards
2 007 Dice