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D&D 5E - The Yawning Portal

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Product description

The Yawning Portal is an iconic inn that attracts fascinating adventurers with two things in common: They're famished, and they have unique tastes in food.

As part of the tavern's staff in D&D The Yawning Portal, you need to feed them by matching up food tokens with the orders pictured on their hero card. You earn colored gems (and points) for every matching food token, and a bonus for completing an order. The colored gems that appear most frequently on the board receive the highest value, so strategize to tip the scoring scale in your favor - and don't be afraid to use potions to make patrons love your food! Collect more points if you're the first to achieve an objective challenge or earn an endgame bonus. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


5 Gameboard Pieces
48 Food Tokens
68 Hero Cards
9 Objective Cards
16 Action Tiles
9 Enchant Food Potion Tokens
30 Sapphire Gem Tokens
30 Emerald Gem Tokens
30 Ruby Gem Tokens
30 Topaz Gem Tokens
20 Diamond Gem Tokens
4 Player Reference Cards