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Cartagena Escape Diaries

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Product description

Are you ready to lead a great prison escape with your group of pirates?

In 1672, a group of pirates escaped from the dreaded fortress of Cartagena. Join this legendary prison break in this new edition of a timeless classic for all!

In addition to the classic version (First Escape), Cartagena: Escape Diaries offers brand new escapes for more fun and replayability.

  • Follow the Captain - Put on the captain's hat and use the powers of the leader.

  • Risky Rafts - Take a chance on a leaky raft to escape the fortress quickly - or sink trying.


30 Pirates
5 Captain Hats
108 Cards
6 Board Segments
1 Wharf Segment
1 Prison Cell
1 Beach Tile
1 Sloop
6 Rafts
40 Tokens

2 Rule Booklets