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Product description

In Brigands, a game of deduction and strategy, the King's absence has left the city's treasure vulnerable to cunning brigands. As the prince, your mission is to safeguard the kingdom's coffers, preventing brigands from stealing 50 Ducats within 6 turns. Alternatively, if you play as a brigand, your goal is to amass wealth without getting caught. Each turn involves secretly assigning your crew members to city districts, leading to tense revelations and potential clashes between the prince and the brigands.

The game introduces dynamic elements, such as action tokens and the option for captured thieves to await trial or attempt a daring escape. As the prince, your skills evolve throughout the game, enhancing your ability to protect the treasure and outsmart the brigands. Will you emerge victorious by securing the kingdom's wealth, or will the richest brigand claim triumph?

15 Bandit Meeples
3 Patrol Meeples
43 District Cards
7 Day Cards
99 Coins
36 Tokens
6 Pointers
2 Markers
3 Dice
9 District Tiles
1 Prince Board
6 Action Wheels
1 Rulebook